Rock Ridge firefighters save the day

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Rock Ridge firefighters save the day

Thanks so much to the Rock Ridge Volunteer Fire Department for coming to our home at 12:47 a.m. Friday morning. We are so thankful for all of you and your help!

This was the first time we have ever had to call 911. When we woke up and there was smoke all in the house and a terrible burning smell, we knew we had a problem. Our smoke alarms did not go off. By Friday afternoon when I got home, thanks to Mike we now have new smoke alarms and they do work! We will certainly push that little button very often to make sure they work.

The smoke and smell were terrible inside, so we looked everywhere and could not find anything. Finally, Mike said it must be the gas pack. He opened the back door and took one step outside and yelled “call the fire department.” I knew by the tone of his voice to call! I had no idea what he saw or had found. I just ran and called.

All he could see was an orange glow in the pine straw on the side of the house. He quickly grabbed the water hose and started spraying water. As soon as he did, he heard the “fire whistle” go off. He said he felt a sign of relief because he knew help was on the way. He sprayed until the first two firemen arrived. We were so afraid it had spread under the house.

When the first two firemen arrived, they checked under the house and we were so thankful it had not spread. It turned out to be an electrical fire from a box on the side of the house. We both said we have never been as scared as we were that night, but when I looked out the front window and saw all the firetrucks lined up on N.C. 42 in front of our home, I knew everything would be all right. We were so thankful we were at home when this happened and it had rained hard the night before and the pine straw was wet from the rain.

We know that God was watching over us because it could have been so much worse. As soon as all of the firemen left and Mike came in the house he said “we have to send the Rock Ridge Volunteer Fire Department a thank-you card.”

We have always supported and appreciated the Rock Ridge Fire Department. But now, we have a much, much, much deeper appreciation for you all. When you are the one on the phone calling the fire department for help and needing help right now, you realize how very important their job is to the community and we certainly found that out early Friday morning.

Thank you for your countless hours of hard work, dedication and ongoing training to always being ready to help any hour of the day or night. Considering the time of the call and the distance the fire department had to come, we were so impressed by how quickly they got to our home!

We have always been proud to say we live in the Buckhorn/Rock Ridge community — and yes, we say we are from the Rock Ridge community since we both went to Rock Ridge School and since I teach at Rock Ridge School, my heart is always in this community.

Words cannot express how thankful we are for the Rock Ridge Volunteer Fire Department. Being a teacher, I know, some days it is just so nice to get a note from a parent saying “thank you” for all you do. Sometimes it is just nice to hear those words and be reminded people do appreciate you.

With that being said, Mike and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate the Rock Ridge Volunteer Fire Department. We are very blessed by your hard work and dedication to helping the community. Each day I am at school and the fire whistle goes off I will certainly stop and say a short prayer for all of you and everyone involved. May God bless each of you and keep you all safe. Thanks again, Rock Ridge Volunteer Fire Department!

Mike and Lydia Wilson
Rock Ridge community
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