Repeal HB2 remnants to bring film industry back

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In the past year I have been fortunate enough to work on several film and television projects. I have traveled to Georgia, before the new abortion bill, and more often to South Carolina.

Why? HB2. This inflammatory made-up issue that was concocted only to attract votes from the hyper-conservative religious right — and which not one GOP lawmaker personally actually cares — has cost our state plenty.

How much?

In 2018 the state of Georgia, where the industry fled, hosted 455 productions and took in $2.7 billion in that one year. That’s an average of $5.9 million per production.

Most of the people in Georgia were part of the crews in North Carolina before this asinine legislation took place. Georgia has now trumped the stupidity with this new heartbeat abortion law.

Filmmakers and stars are ready to leave.

Repeal HB2 and let our people come home. I guarantee you once election season is over you will hear no more inflammatory issues from the Republicans until the next election.

Dave Hager


Editor’s Note: House Bill 2, which restricted access to sex-segregated restrooms based on birth gender and nullified Charlotte’s public accommodations nondiscrimination ordinance, was superseded with the passage of House Bill 142 in March 2017. That law removed HB2’s access restrictions and prevents cities from enacting local nondiscrimination rules. While HB2 is no longer in force, groups including the American Civil Liberties Union and Equality NC do not consider the replacement legislation to be a full repeal.