Remember Confederate ancestors’ courage, sacrifice

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On May 10, we celebrate Confederate Memorial Day in North Carolina. In light of recent political antics where our ancestors are portrayed in a negative light, take time on May 10 to give these individuals and what they did some thought.

Imagine today if the federal government in Washington, D.C. asked you or your children to take up arms against Ohio or Tennessee. Would you not prefer the issue be resolved by amicable means between the two sides? Certainly, every peaceable means should be explored before putting lives at risk. Yet if the federal government refused to do so and vowed Ohio and Tennessee must follow their edicts or else, would you volunteer to coerce a fellow state against its will?

Neither did our ancestors. North Carolina did not leave the union until being forced to choose between two such sides and when that decision was made, an overwhelming number — 140,000 — of our citizens put aside their livelihoods, their families, their everyday lives to stand for what they believed was the principle of American liberty.

Think of this on May 10 and imagine how strongly they felt in order to make the sacrifices they did.

Jonathan Varnell

Elm City