Reject Dems’ obstructionism, violent rhetoric

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I’m 74 years old and wonder why one branch of Congress has turned rabid. The closest thing I can compare their behavior to is what happens when you throw a bag of bones into a large dog pen. The dogs will snarl, get into each other’s faces, attack and do whatever dirty trick they can to get the most bones!

Does this remind you of the way the Democrats in Congress have been acting since the 2016 election of Donald Trump? Why is it that I’ve never before in my years of voting observed such resistance, hatred, liberal media lies and big money against our president?

Our economy is the best in years, with 4 million off welfare and into new jobs, tax reductions for all classes, restrictions lifted off businesses military security increased, global recognition and respect among foreign nations, finally fair tariffs with countries that have taken advantage of us for years, immigration reform if the Dems hadn’t rejected it and most importantly in my mind, current investigations of corruption in our government that composes the real deep state, which turns out to be a major, disgraceful threat to our government and democracy.

The Democrats involved don’t want their massive web of stolen bones exposed and taken from them. Why else would their leaders tell their constituents to follow Republicans into restaurants, shopping, in the streets wherever they are seen, get into a large mob, get into their faces and “tell them they’re not welcome,” to quote Democratic Sen. Maxine Waters.

Or, to quote Eric Holder, the former attorney general under Obama, who tells the crowds, “When they go low, kick ‘em!”

This violent mob is dangerous. I could name many more examples, like the plotted fake destruction perpetrated on Brett Kavanaugh based on unfounded lies. He went through seven FBI background checks!

Linda Hardison Cameron