Region seeks growth, but Wilson chases jobs away

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In Wednesday’s Times there appeared a column from Raleigh by someone named Colin Campbell regarding the population growth of North Carolina and the job distribution that, according to Mr. Campbell, is not happening east of Interstate 95.

Mentioned was the tire manufacturing plant to be constructed in Edgecombe County, bringing 800 jobs to the area. Congratulations, Edgecombe County.

A word of warning to the leaders of this effort in Edgecombe County should be “stay clear of the Wilson County line,” because the leaders of Wilson’s city government are willing to spend $1,000,000 or more to keep viable companies like Sanderson Farms from building a new manufacturing plant and bringing a reported 1,100 new jobs to the Wilson-Nash-Edgecombe county area.

Included here could be the names of the mayor, city manager and city council members who stood lockstep behind the successful effort to keep Sanderson Farms from building this facility. As I remember, this facility would mirror the Sanderson plant in Kinston, which I understand, now employs more than 1,500.

An interesting investigative article by the Times staff would be to make public where the $1,000,000 was spent to keep these new jobs OUT of our area, which, at last count, was east of I-95.

Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Campbell.

Mike Radford