Radical Islamist terrorism a global threat

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Re: “White supremacists, radical Islamists share common traits,” by Cyrus Shamloo, Friday:

No logical person will attempt to defend white nationalism, but no logical person can be silent when exaggerated false equivalencies are made between America’s hate groups and Muslim hate/terrorism.

Briefly and to the point:

Assuming only 10 percent of Muslims are bad, that is 180,000,000 people.

The estimated membership of the American Nazi Party is 4,000 — and that might be exaggerated.

A notable, real distinction.

Second, no one in American government endorses the Nazis, but entire nations and governments in the Middle East endorse and foster Muslim hate.

It is part of their formal policy and they proudly announce such.

Third, there are no institutional backers and supporters of white nationalism in America, but Muslims have CAIR and other similar groups who are supported by actual members of our Congress and do some shamelessly and publicly.

The most damning thing you can point out is the dishonest, partial report that white nationalism receives only “watered-down” criticism in America.

I am watching and reading our media and see tremendous denunciation of white hate.

To compare the disorganized, sporadic, anachronistic white nationalist incidents as being the same in scope, danger and threat as organized, state-funded, global Sharia-related murder and barbarism is grossly disingenuous and misleading. No organization rewards white American murderers like Hamas rewards and subsidizes murders in Israel.

Mark Levin