Putin sowing seeds of doubt in America’s democracy

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Re: “Has Trump awakened the left to communism’s threat?” by Mark Levin, Tuesday:

The Russian interference that Mark finds amusing from liberals is not as he describes. The threat and meddling coming out of Moscow is not coming from Communists. It is coming from the oligarchs, of which Putin is the most infamous.

The Russian mob presence is not so evident here in Wilson. Why, you ask, would Putin much care how American elections play out?

First and foremost in his mind was payback for Hillary Clinton meddling in his election of 2011. She openly challenged the fairness and legitimacy of his election. Putin was determined that she should not be in a position of power in America and thus began the cyber-warfare between the two camps.

Clinton was right about Putin’s corruption and process. But so was Putin, it turns out, regarding hers. Putin was determined to show the Russian peasants that America and the American system was “just as corrupt” as Russia’s.

Putin is still having problems with support among his countrymen, but not with the Russian oligarchs who benefit from his leadership, who get rich off the toil of the peons and peasants.

The unintended consequence of all this is Donald Trump’s open adoration of Russia and Putin. Putin has found in Trump a willing apprentice in the destruction of America’s trust in its own institutions. Putin’s playbook was derived from the Nazis.

Destroy the citizens’ faith in a free press. Demoralize them to believe that their lives and votes are meaningless. Lose faith in the goodness of America. Co-opt the so-called Christian right by enabling Armageddon prophecies. Destroy faith in the system of democracy itself.

We’ve made enemies of our NATO allies. We’ve lost the leadership and respect of the world. Who has been there at every turn to capitalize on our abdication? Vladimir Putin, Russian oligarch.

Dave Hager