Playhouse performers shine in ‘9 to 5’

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Last Sunday I attended the “9 to 5, the Musical” production of The Playhouse of Wilson. I regret that I did not attend the first weekend because it was definitely worth seeing twice. For fear that I will leave out someone I don’t want to use names, but the entire ensemble worked together well. The talent was abundant both onstage and in the pit.

So many times in community theater, there are those standouts who garner all your attention, but in this production, the first and second string — using the basketball sports idiom — were strong. Some of the folks were as comfortable on stage as they would have been in their own kitchen in their home, probably more comfortable. Wilson has shown a gem to us and there are so many opportunities that we need to recognize and become more involved. This was one of the best musical productions The Playhouse has done and for next season, anyone who enjoys singing, dancing and entertaining should try out. It’s worth your time.

This weekend’s Showtime at the Boykin will delight you and show just what our children and youth can do, who will hopefully return to fill our Playhouse productions. And again, maybe you should try out for “Legally Blonde” and meet some of those amazing, talented people who brought the story of “9 to 5” and the music of that well-known blonde Dolly Parton to life.

Thanks to all of you last Sunday for making me laugh until it hurt!

W. Barrett Page