Open-border ‘compassion’ leads to unintended consequences

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Open-border ‘compassion’ leads to unintended consequences

Human bones scattered across the desert of another unidentified soul who perished attempting to enter the United States over the southern border with Mexico together with the rape of women and girls crossing at various points on the border make the construction of a border wall a moral imperative. Those in the U.S. who object to this life-saving measure have perhaps not thought of these unintended consequences of an open-border policy.

Nevertheless, by opposing the building of the structure that will make illegal immigration even more difficult and save lives by discouraging illegals from attempting the crossing, the opponents contribute to the problem. The opposition to the wall and border enforcement turns the situation on its head and claims that denying illegals a chance at a better life is immoral.

No country has the moral obligation to be a sponge and absorb the folks from a less-fortunate society. By closing the border to the U.S. to these unfortunates, their home countries will be forced to deal with their own domestic economic and social inequities, thus improving the lives of all their citizens.

The rage against the denial of entry into the U.S. to Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees is another case in point of unintended consequences. United Nations figures indicate that a dozen refugees could be housed in or near their home countries for the cost of bringing one refugee here. Practically speaking, if 10,000 refugees are accepted into the U.S., then approximately 110,000 are being denied safe refuge in or near their homelands. Those 110,000 are continually exposed to death, dismemberment and a diminished quality of life. Additionally, when hostilities eventually subside, refugees in safe zones would quickly return home to rebuild their countries.

The president is to be applauded for his efforts to stem the flow of illegals across the southern border and his recent agreement with the Saudis to house refugees in the Middle East. Those who oppose these measures need to contemplate the lives destroyed and opportunities lost and realize that being compassionate has the opposite result.

Julia Yancey