On which side of the fence do you live?

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We all have a friend that just floats through life. They have no worries. They never seem to stress over anything. They just bounce though each day without a care in the world. The marvel of it all is most things seem to work out for them. Good things usually happen for them. Maybe it is their upbringing. Or it might be in their DNA. Or maybe they just had a really good kindergarten teacher who put them on the path to total blissfulness.

We also all have that friend that everything seems to be a struggle in life. They always have something that has them worried and it is usually self- induced. They are always stressed over something. They are suspect about everything in the world. It seems like nothing ever works out for them. There is always drama and a mountain to climb. And it usually goes back to a bad decision they made. Maybe they were born on the wrong day. Or they may just be plain unlucky. Or maybe they just had a really bad kindergarten teacher who put them on the path to total chaos.

Anyway, the world is full of people on both sides of the carefree/careless fence. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:

• Carefree is not worrying about the price of gas. Careless is forgetting to put gas in your car before a long road trip on Christmas morning.

• Carefree is waking up and thinking that it is the weekend. Careless is to waking up, thinking that it is the weekend, and going back to sleep only to find out it is Tuesday and you’ve missed work.

• Carefree is going for it on a long par five over water. Careless is forgetting that you don’t have any more golf balls in your bag.

• Carefree is skipping class because it is so pretty outside. Careless is forgetting about the exam you have in class on that pretty day.

• Carefree is dancing to your favorite jam like no one is watching. Careless is dancing so hard to your favorite jam that you forget who you were dancing with.

• Carefree is buying the new iPhone the day it comes out. Careless is not being able to pay the monthly bill.

• Carefree is going barefoot every chance you can so you can feel the fresh grass between your toes. Careless is not putting shoes on before you mow the grass.

• Carefree is driving with the windows down singing along to your favorite song. Careless is driving with your head down trying to find your favorite song on your playlist.

• Carefree is always getting your money’s worth at home plate. Careless is swinging at a 3-0 pitch with the bases loaded after your coach gives you the take sign.

• Carefree is trying to dunk on somebody’s head during a fast break. Careless is trying to dunk on somebody’s head during a fast break knowing you can’t touch the rim on even a good day.

Now, I hope you know that all of this column is meant in fun. After all, there are advantages to both sides of the carefree/careless fence. Carefree people usually are very creative and have some of the best stories. Careless folks might have drama and obstacles to overcome, but they are the best problem solvers around. They get the job done when their back is against the wall.

I hope there is a little carefree in all of us from time to time, because I know there is a little bit of careless in all of us more than we care to admit. The real question is: On a daily basis, on which side of the fence do you live?

David Lee is the Wilson Parks and Recreation Department Director. He is also a part-time golfer, part-time writer and, along with his wife, Dana, full-time parents of two boys.