On Easter, Wilson should resolve to help the homeless

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This week is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection to bring Christianity to all. Let’s not forget what this celebration means for all in this world.

We are so obsessed with the political comments that are published in the papers and the news media. In past history, I have not totally agreed with those who have been our leaders, but I’ve learned to live with the situation. I was still able to continue my employment and retire and try to live a decent and honest life for me and my family.

Now the real reason for this letter: What are we doing for those in our city who are homeless? We have facilities for meals, but what about all the empty buildings just sitting and deteriorating — Kroger, JC Penney, Sears and other empty shops in Parkwood, and others in our city? Why can’t they be utilized?

With the proper funding, those buildings can be converted by dividing the space into small cubicles, each with a bed, microwave, small refrigerator and a few bathrooms to serve all occupants. A manager could be hired and in charge to ensure that all occupants keep their cubicle clean and neat according to the regulations of the facility.

We need to start taking care of our own and those with nowhere to sleep at night. This will give them the desire to start living a decent life and perhaps be able to find some sort of employment. That is what Christianity is all about and why Jesus Christ gave up His life on the cross.

Yes, Christ is risen; indeed, He is risen.

Catherine P. Batten