Not all statue supporters were racists

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Re: “Liberals took a stand against Nazi intimidation” by Dave Hager:

Ease your mind, Dave. You didn’t hurt my feelings, so need to feel “so sorry.” As to your letter, just a few observations, if you don’t mind.

1. My letter concerned the sweeping generalizations of your previous one. I addressed them individually and stayed on topic. I can’t say you have improved your tendency to make those sweeping generalizations.

2. Your assertion that conservatives are akin to neo-Nazis, skinheads and racists is a case in point.

3. Coincidence is not causality. Yes, those deplorable racists were in Charlottesville, but not everyone who showed up to protest taking down the statue was one of them. I could say that ice cream sales and violence increase during hot weather. Therefore, ice cream must cause aggression.

4. The Left is fighting back at last? They have been. Think Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter. Do the left-wing extremists speak for all liberals?

5. Does our country have some dark stains on its history? Yes, but part of this country’s exceptionalism is that we try to correct the mistakes of the past. Can you say that for a right-wing dictatorship like Turkey or a left-wing one like China, Russia, Cuba or Venezuela?  Can you say the things you do in print in any of those countries?

Finally, Dave: Let’s hope that people of good conscience can come together and address problems that bother them and ultimately affect all of us.

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City