No wonder Congress is out of touch on health care

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Re: “Congress’ exception to Obamacare rules must come to an end,” editorial, Aug. 2:

Kudos and hurrahs for The Times. This is the most significant article of government collapse that I have read in a long time. If all the news media followed this pattern, we wouldn’t have to worry about “false news.” Wouldn’t it be a phenomenon to read an article such as this in the News & Observer, aka the Socialist Gazette, or The New York Times?

For those who missed this editorial, it describes the U.S. Congress’ self-centeredness in providing for their subsidized health insurance while the rest of the country is in limbo and chaos. It further states that if our congressmen had to play by the same rules as their constituents, this bedlam would be solved. Why would they be in any hurry while their nest is well-feathered?

The Times states: “Increasingly frustrated with senators’ stall tactics, President Donald Trump is threatening to pull the perk.”

Look out, Donald, you’re building a cross for another attempted crucifixion.

Personally, I’ve made up my mind that I’ll never have the proper respect for our representatives as long as this deception is alive. This includes, Butterfield, Burr and Tillis. It is the height of conceit, selfishness and arrogance for them to take their ingrown toenail to the world’s most renowned medical specialist while their constituents are lacking for resources and insurance to see a physician’s assistant.

I guess the most baffling question for me is why do we continue to send these people to Washington when their main interest is to take care of their personal anxiety while increasing their financial resources, perks and prestige? The longer they remain, the richer they become and more distant to the common-sense voters who sent them.

On the other hand, do we deserve what we get? These lawmakers can’t get there unless we send them. I have to think that it takes a selfish voter to create a career for a selfish politician.

These politicians sent to Washington by U.S. citizens are leading us as a puppet on a string and a puppy on a leash and, “we the people” continue to keep them lively.

Carl Hinson