No sympathy, leniency for drug offenders

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Re: “For drug offenses, unlock prison cells and let people heal,” guest editorial by The Fayetteville Observer, Tuesday:

What is happening to our country? Laws are being ignored. Law enforcement officers being constantly criticized. And now there is activity to reduce penalties for drug dealers, release criminals early and put law enforcement more at risk.

There are few who want to protect the law-abiding citizens, but many cry rivers for the criminals and watch as more kids die of overdose, more murders, rapes and robberies. This ridiculous editorial wants to give freedom to drug dealers and try to rehabilitate them like this is something new? Yes, rehabilitations do work, but not for all — look into our prison populations to see the crimes caused by drugs. Each year, more and more crimes are committed caused or related to the need for drugs. But this editorial wants to release these criminals early, slap their hands when caught and give them the keys to our country?

No, this is not the way to treat criminals — by ignoring their crimes.

We need a stronger justice system to give these criminals harsh punishment for incentives for rehabilitation.

It should be painful if someone’s caught dealing drugs. It should be harsh! It should be three strikes and death if offenders continue to deal drugs. This is not a game; these scumbags are destroying families and lives! Legislators have their heads in the sand by not taking action to pass harsh and real punishment to stop these criminals, plus inciting them to rehabilitation.

If our legislators cannot step up and protect the innocents, then they need replacing now.

We must insist that there are competency, IQ, literacy and economic tests for all people running for any and all government offices at all levels so we can get some intelligent laws passed that protect law-abiding citizens and stop babying criminals.

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City