No comparison between JFK assassination, Fishel resignation

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Every morning when I get to my store in Rocky Mount, I drink a cup of coffee, eat a chocolate chip cookie and read The Wilson Times. I am now celebrating 50 years in business at J. Royal Regular and Big & Tall.

On Feb. 20, I was shocked when I read Keith Barnes’ column about Greg Fishel’s resignation. He wrote: “it reminded me of what it felt like right after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.”

This hit me as the worst comparison I have ever read. My guess is that almost every person in the world can recall exactly where they were and how they felt as they listened to the radio or watched TV over the hours that it took to unravel what had happened from the shooting to the announcement of the death of our president, JFK.

I was a junior at N.C. State. My friend picked me up early in the morning as we began our 12-hour drive back home to New York for Thanksgiving. I remember that trip as if it was yesterday. When I arrived home and put the TV on, the whole world was crying — including everyone in my house.

Whatever reasons there are for Greg’s resignation, he is still alive and there are other meteorologists who will tell us what to expect weather-wise over the next few days. He will be all right, and so will we.

As a 50-year resident of Wilson and having a concern for other Wilsonians, I am aware of so many, far too many, wonderful people who raised themselves from nothing to great success and provided themselves and their families the best of everything that life offers. And then passed their success on to others and made it possible for them to develop a life of achievement, accomplishment, success and rewards. And unfortunately, their lives were ended, for many different reasons, at a very early age.

So, Mr. Barnes, maybe you should be a little more careful with your comparisons.

My coffee is cold, my cookie is melted, I read your paper and I hope people will come to my store today.

Jay R. Sara