Nixon’s 18 minutes vs. Trump’s 18 days

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I recall President Nixon was up against the wall for impeachment and his stonewalling and delaying tactics were on full display. Lost 18 minutes of critical tape and had his then secretary, Woods, partly cover for him using her 9-inch longer leg that hit the erase pedal?

Now the Trump White House found out that one of its select had four levels of suspicion by the FBI, attorney general and Department of Justice. Being vulnerable to potential blackmail by Russia.

George Washington’s friend Benedict Arnold was immediately searched after to be hanged, though he had skedaddled over to the enemy ahead of his pursuers. Trump had not read this historical account. Still questioning the Civil War? And so with 18 days of lousy judgment and continued exposure, Putin is laughing.

We know when AG Sally Yates told White House counsel the first time — nothing happened. Ditto the second time. Ditto when a phone call occurred relative the same information was given. Instead, a Trumplike question came back as to why the DOJ was concerned if lying was going on in the White House. Seriously?

If Trump is working on behalf of our country, not his ego and hairdresser, why was General Flynn not fired on the spot? More serious ignorance as President Obama advised Trump not to hire Flynn, as did two others.

The Trump White House did not check his dangerous actions at all; yet he’d been paid and had dealt with Russia during and after the Trump campaign. Flynn was allowed to participate in high-level meetings after Yates told the White House attorneys and staff.

He was still working 18 days after they knew about his behavior. Ironically, Trump let the messenger — Yates — go for reporting the truth.

Flynn should have been gone in 18 seconds. Yates was very accurate and remarkably courageous. Eighteen days to react is deplorable and speaks to ego issues of a huge mistake. Just one of many disreputable exhibits. A White House seeing nothing wrong when inside the White House, they lie to each other. Wow!

Bob Plesha
Elm City