Multitasking helps busy couponers find time to save

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“I don’t have time.” That is one of the main excuses I hear from people when they talk to me about couponing.

As a mom of two extremely energetic babies; who works full-time and part-time, and has a coach for a husband, I completely understand this statement. I use it myself for a ton of different things when I need an excuse. However, in the case of couponing, who doesn’t have time to save money? I mean, for that I can make time! I have a few different ways that I pencil in some couponing time that I hope helps you find your own couponing routine.

Couponing does not have to be your second full-time job. I see on TV how it is portrayed as this time-consuming task that you need a full eight hours a day to complete. Many people ask me when and where I coupon. It’s really easy for me as my kids both still nap. I get The Wilson Times on Saturday with all my coupons that come along with my subscription and on Sundays, I get my in-laws’ coupons from their paper.

Sunday afternoons are my time to coupon. The kids will go down for a good two-hour nap and my husband will go cut grass at the ballfield or watch film for a Sunday night coaches’ meeting. This is the perfect time for me to sit down and clip some coupons. It doesn’t take me 30 minutes to get my clipping and organizing done. Thirty minutes!

Maybe your kids don’t take naps anymore, but they do have a bedtime. You can be clipping coupons while catching up on your favorite show. Let’s say you watch “The Young and the Restless” every night after the kids go to bed. How about clipping your weekend coupons on Monday night while you catch up with the Newmans? We all know Mondays are the worst days in the soap opera world, nothing interesting ever happens on a Monday, so let’s clip and organize some coupons!

Of course, the easiest part about couponing is the way you can receive them. They are delivered to your doorstep on Saturdays. This cuts out a lot of the time it would take to go to the store on Saturday mornings to pick up a paper. The convenience of it is another reason why the “I don’t have time” excuse just doesn’t work when it comes to couponing. As I have said before; The Wilson Times is going to be your best and easiest resource for coupons. The Times will provide you with coupons that you are looking for each season of the year. Right now school is nearly back in, so you are going to find a lot of coupons for snacks, quick breakfast items and PB&J supplies.

Maybe you are just starting out in your coupon journey or maybe you really just don’t have 30 free minutes to coupon. Believe me, I get it. Couponing when you’re short on time is easier than you think. Keep in mind that you don’t have to run to the store for every deal. Just because you have a coupon for something and it’s a good deal does not mean you have to run to the nearest grocery store for that item. This can be overwhelming and add more unneeded stress to your life.

Also, shop at stores you know. I am familiar with our local Food Lion and Harris Teeter. I know exactly what aisle the salad dressing, cereal and ice cream is on in each store. If I were to go to a grocery store other than my usual, I may have to look around for the items I need. Not every store is set up the same way, so going to the same stores you’re familiar with can drastically decrease your shopping time.

We are all busy. It doesn’t matter if you work a full-time or part-time job or you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, whether you have kids or not; everyone is busy! Couponing may not be at the top of your priority list. You may be one of those people who gets the paper and (cringe) throws away your sales ads and coupons. Just keep in mind that couponing is what you make it. It can be as stressful or as easy as you want to make it.

Maybe you only want to coupon a couple of weeks out of the month. You can still save money for your family, just give it a try! Happy savings.

Chelsey Edens writes a monthly couponing column for The Wilson Times.