Mueller probe, rule of law show what’s right with America

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As the persistent special counsel, Robert Mueller, divests some cases and converges others, he seems to have cast President Trump in a ring of wrongdoers.

Included in that ring is the Trump family, the nepotistic office-holders with big titles such as special adviser to the president. Such is the title of Jared Kushner, whom Trump sent to the Middle East to solve the world’s most complex conflicts. We now come to the question of what knowledge and skills Kushner brought to the title and task bestowed upon him by his father-in-law.

I open this column with the above scenario to signal how the Trump administration failed to organize and failed to staff the federal government and commit it to serving the needs of this nation. A careful look at this organization, in its inception, including all the changes of those who came and left, and you will see the pattern and intent of this administration to serve only the needs of the Trump brand, the Trump business organization and the Trump family. It is that organizational design that has brought us to this debilitating state of affairs. It is also those sad conditions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is charged to unravel, holding lawbreakers accountable.

When Russia moved into the Ukraine, suppressed self-government and jailed the leaders as lawbreaking dissidents, the Obama administration’s protest included placing sanctions on Russia that hampered activities and froze assets, to Putin’s dismay. Other than the Ukraine, Russia wanted to drill for oil on the floor of the North Sea. This activity would have netted Putin $900 billion to add to his coffers and would have allowed Russia to be more competitive in the European oil markets.

Exxon Mobil had been chosen to build the infrastructure for this feat. Rising from political obscurity, and trumping Mitch Romney and Rudy Giuliani, came Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. The Obama sanctions stopped this move cold in it tracks.

Meanwhile, back in America, a so-called self-made billionaire again announced he was a candidate for president in June of 2015. Donald J. Trump, whose holdings had experienced several bankruptcies and whose credit lines had disappeared, wanted to build a Trump Tower, second to none, in Russia. Contending for the presidency had to enhance his chances of building the tower.

The needs, desires and financial expediency of Putin and Trump met on some plane with one deviation. Russia could help Trump run and win. Trump could remove the sanctions, end opposition to Russian control of the Ukraine and look the other way while Russia could rig our election in favor of Trump.

The effects of this unholy alliance has broken our flow of government, challenged our democratic foundations, diminished some of our faith in government, ushered in the nation’s deepest divide, replaced the basic tenets of American conservatism, rendered the Republican officeholders inoperative, cast the Fox News cable network as Trump/state news broadcasts, sent several Republican officeholders to early retirements or no re-election runs, diminished the roles of national security agencies in America, denigrated the FBI and made mockery of the attorney general and the Justice Department.

Regardless of what Sean Hannity tells you every night on his news broadcast about the “bought and paid for” false dossier by Hillary Clinton, Mueller will get his man. Hillary lost, Obama served his two terms with honor and integrity, Lynch and Holder left with Obama and did nothing that would send them to prison and Trump fired James Comey. All the other people Hannity persecutes each night on his show are Republicans. He seems somewhat confused.

I believe these conditions promoted the Democratic “blue wave” in the 2018 midterm elections. I also believe that as Mueller anchors his vast, meticulous investigative ship in the harbor, another blue wave will be on the horizon for 2020.

When you evaluate these conditions and the differences in the points of view, you must determine what is, in fact, good for America. I have embraced the rule of law, stood firmly on the Constitution, still hold that no one is above the law, still have the utmost respect for truth and thank Robert Mueller for his search to bring to light the facts we have learned thus far.

George Leach is a Wilson resident and former teacher with a keen interest in local, state and national politics who serves as political action chairman of the NAACP’s Wilson branch.