More support needed to remove Wilson’s litter

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In follow up of my earlier letter (“Work together to keep Wilson County clean,” March 2), I would like to report that I have continued to clean trash from N.C. 58. I have invested several hours, fallen twice and gathered literally hundreds of pounds of materials from nearly all carryout restaurants in Wilson, cans, bottles and Styrofoam cups, lids and straws, cigarette butts and empty packs, candy wrappers, plastic bags, boxes , signs, construction materials, etc.

You name it and someone has intentionally or without thought thrown it or allowed it to be blown onto the roads and roadsides of our community. I am 71 years old, with diabetes and hypertension. No one has stopped to help me with my work or thank me for it, but that is OK. Hopefully, some folks will see that dumping trash creates an eyesore that does not resolve by itself.

My hope would be that people would place trash containers in their vehicles, dispose of items in those containers and empty the containers in their home trashcans. Also, I hope that all businesses will place waste receptacles on their properties and regularly clean trash off their properties to improve appearance and to keep that trash from blowing to adjacent areas.

Obviously, not all people are thoughtful, or good citizens of our community, so we will need some volunteer and perhaps public efforts to clean spilled litter. I did notice someone cleaning trash at the Speedway at Packhouse Road and Gracie’s did allow me to use its dumpster. I do appreciate those efforts.

Cleaning Wilson and making its appearance a point of pride is not rocket science. We must all pitch in and not pitch out!

Katherine Krabill