Masonic lodge, church groups feed the hungry

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Mount Hebron Masonic Lodge No. 42 is broadening its effort to feed the hungry.

In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the lodge hosted a Monday breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, biscuits, orange juice and grits.

“We have done large feedings in the past. We are just looking to do what we can do and help whoever we can help,” said Raymond Renfrow, a district deputy and past master at the lodge. “It’s a growing effort. It’s something that we normally do every Christmas, but it is expanding now from the food baskets to actually having meals available for folks who need a meal.”

Melissa Farmer said that Judge Milton F. Fitch Jr., a Mason, started the free meal for the less fortunate and the homeless people.

“Several years back when I first came into the lodge, this lodge had a position where we fed from five different locations at one time a traditional Thanksgiving meal,” Fitch said. “We’ve kind of been a little slack in the last couple of years. The more that is going on in our world of politics today makes me more so understand that it is going to be community that is going pull us out of our difficulties by working together.”

Fitch said the country needs to come together in the fashion that its citizens did on and after Sept. 11, 2001.

“We need to do the very same things now,” Fitch said. “The best way to try to do it is to take those who are less fortunate and give them a hand up. That’s what this lodge is trying to do.”

Lodge members joined together with Rhema Word Christian Ministries and Anointed Hands Catering and friends to produce the food.

“Several members of the lodge have done it so that we can in fact help in our own community,” Fitch said. “I think it’s more important today, a day when there ought to be a lot of volunteering when you are celebrating the life of a man such as Dr. Martin Luther King that we give back to our community. Let the community know what we are doing and let the community show how we love one another.”

“It’s the community coming together to help Wilson,” Farmer said.

The groups have served several dinners for the needy since December.

“The first time, we served over 150 people. One the second time, we served 100 people. Throughout Christmas we probably put close to 30 food boxes and put them in people’s homes,” Farmer said. “A lot of them were the elderly. When we did that, it was enough food to last them up to two weeks or a month.”

Farmer said that this type of outreach is something that’s not going to be done just at the holiday time.

“This is something that is going to be done year-round trying to help people that are really in need, trying to help people to get back on their feet,” Farmer said. “It has been a great outpouring with the people coming in in need.”

Lamont Morgan was among the dozen volunteers, some coming right off the street, who came in to help serve Monday’s breakfast.

“We also have some volunteers from the community helping us,” Morgan said. “It’s more than just Mount. Hebron Lodge and Rhema Word. It’s a lot more.”

“Some people just don’t have and we’re in a position where we can give. We feel like that’s just something we need to do and we are supposed to do to help one another,” Morgan said.

According to Renfrow, the Mount Hebron Lodge has a membership of 114.

The Mount Hebron Masonic Lodge No. 42 on Pender Street was first established in Wilson on Dec. 15, 1881.