Make the time to take an adventure

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Most of my weekends are spent on my couch watching whatever show I missed during the week with my dog lying at my feet.

But this past weekend, my boyfriend and I had two days off together so we decided to take advantage of it.

After spending Friday in Raleigh seeing museums and eating out, we went to see a band that night. Then Saturday, we drove to Pine Knoll Shores to go to the aquarium.

We called it our adventure weekend because we hardly stopped moving all weekend. I’m sure my Fitbit thought I was being chased because I doubled the steps I normally take during the day.

We enjoyed our adventure weekend so much that Sunday morning as we recovered on our newly furnished back patio, we talked about where we want to go and what we want to do next.

For us adventures don’t have to be long or expensive, they just have to take us somewhere out of our everyday path and have us doing something we enjoy.

We are both foodies, so we like going to different restuarants when we go on our adventures. This weekend we explored a bar in Raleigh that used to be an old newspaper. We both ordered a beer that we have not been able to find anywhere close to home since we tried it in Asheville back in October. Also we ordered very different things off of the menu so that we could try each other’s meal too.

On Saturday, we passed through Morehead City on our way home and stopped at a new burrito place that we have heard great things about but never visited. Again we both ordered different tacos so we could each try the different flavors.

I enjoy exploring and going new places, but I also love just doing things with him. It’s important to have an adventure buddy and it doesn’t have to be your significant other. It can just be your best friend or maybe a sibling. But it is great to have someone to experience things with and build memories with.

As for our next adventures, we already have ideas in the works. In June we’re going back to Raleigh to go to the IMAX theater, but we’re also going to check out one of the museums that we didn’t have time to see. We also plan on spending as much time as we can on the beach this summer, and this fall I really want to take him to the North Carolina Zoo, because he has never been. We’re also taking suggestions for what restaurant we should try next.

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