Mainstream media parrots leftist narrative

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Remember the children’s story where we were warned of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? A forewarning to not necessarily trust someone who appears kind and friendly. In the same essence, we are constantly bombarded with headlines that disguise true intentions. Climate change, the need for open borders, no need for voter ID and down with Confederate monuments.

We all know, of course, that these topics are put forth with the most sincere concern for our well-being. Really? Is it not political manipulation of the truth for political gain? Who could imply such against well-meaning politicians and political pundits?

Leftist views get the headlines as the mainstream media is owned and dominated by individuals who are of that political persuasion. Their goal behind these supposedly well-meaning topics is control. Control of what you say, what you drive, what temperature you set your thermostat on, control of your body and your mind.

Americans were and still are against top-heavy or oppressive government control. We do not like to be told what we can say or think. Do not fall for the emotional, attention-grabbing headlines of the leftist media, as they attempt to disguise their true intentions.

Jonathan Varnell

Elm City