‘Lying Donald’ has no legitimate achievements

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Letter writer calls for suggestions and solutions in support of the Trump administration with objectives to improve, and advance, his agenda in 2018. Let’s start with leveling the playing field by attaching an adjective to the front of Trump’s first name, I suggest “Lying Donald,” an area of factual competence and easier to prove with facts than that of “Crooked Hillary.”

What has Trump accomplished in his first year in office of his own making, after all the economy and foreign war security action were on a firm and aggressive footing at the ending of the Obama administration? Before the Republicans passed, and Trump signed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act promoting trickle-down, temporary benefits for the middle working class, and locked in the advantages for the wealthy, came the constitutional flim-flam by the Republican-controlled Congress on the Supreme Court’s appointment of Justice Gorsuch — so, so sad.

In between these two actions, Lying Donald spent the majority of his time golfing and holding self-promoting prep-rallies to boost his ego. From this point on he concentrated, through executive order, to reverse and repeal President Obama’s legacy of achievements so as to keep the trough of red meat for his Archie Bunker base as he fended off criminal actions.

Special counsel Robert Mueller expanded his investigation into Russian meddling in our election, and if the Trump administration colluded with the Russians to support his presidential aspirations. Included in the investigation is possible obstruction of justice, conflicts of interest and money laundering.

The latter, suspicion of money laundering, with a possibility of a Trump connection with Russia’s former Deutsche Bank previously located in Russia, and now relocated in Cypress with the same chief executive as chairman, and Trump’s Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, in support. This same Deutsche Bank — now the Bank of Cyprus — is and was Donald J. Trump’s and his family’s largest creditor. 

Time is now of the essence as doubt grows over the prospect of Lying Donald’s mental stability. It is not inconceivable that President Trump, in a last-ditch effort, take us to war preemptively in an attempt to salvage his presidency. It wouldn’t be the first time — after all, George W. Bush acted preemptively in striking Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

On the subject of hate and disrespect, I do believe that Lying Donald should be afforded the same respect as given to the black U.S. President from Kenya, and Crooked Hillary. Deal?

William T. “Nick” Smith