‘Lying Donald’ and a trail of broken promises

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This president is infamous for labeling people based on his idiotic, self-serving whims. I believe The Donald should have one of his own based in fact — how does “Lying Donald” sound?

It seems to me most appropriate for his narcissistic and habitual lying personality, a worn path he has followed throughout his life, like father like son, for Fred Trump was a slumlord racist and a thief. Surely these personality traits find favor with The Donald’s Archie Bunker base and the majority of Republicans who hold Lying Donald in such high esteem. Republicans are looking to find comfort in facts that are misguided and misdirected toward the naïve and/or single-minded supporters.

A good example of misguided incompetence can be found in Trump’s “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” as it is taken from the same old, worn-out trickle-down Republican game plan — cut taxes that favor the wealthy, leaving table scraps for the majority while you drive up debt and deficit by the trillions.

This includes the corporate tax cut from 35% to 21%, a permanent cut that’s had little to no influence on capital expenditures for new manufacturing facilities in this country, nor creating new jobs, but left no shortage in capital stock buyback funds that drive up the stock market value. Corporate America was flush with cash — $2 trillion — before the tax cut.

Just a few lies and fantasies Trump has spewed out in the past:

• I’ll build a Southern border wall, and Mexico will pay for it. Not achieved.

• Will repeal and simultaneously replace Obamacare. Not achieved.

• Balance the federal budget and pay off the federal debt. Going in the wrong direction, fantasy. Added $2.2 trillion to the deficit in his first 2 ½ years in office. The only time deficits seem to matter is when Democrats are in office.

• He said U.S. Steel has committed to construct six new steel mills employing 8,000 new workers. Lied, not happening

• He said industry is presently opening new coal mines. Lies; there are fewer coal miners working today than when Lying Donald took office.

• Tariffs placed on China’s exports to the U.S. is just another name for a value-added tax to American manufacturers and consumers, If so much money is flowing into the federal treasury, why does the debt to deficit keep going up? If you need another example, take a look at the farmers’ socialized government subsidy of $26 billion.

President Trump claims that President Obama left him a total economic mess. I wonder if Lying Donald was subjected to the economic chaos of the George W. Bush administration, suffering in recession from unfunded tax cuts and foreign wars, and a deficit of $11.3 trillion.

William T. “Nick” Smith