Looking for a few good teachers: Annual job fair is March 16

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Prospective teachers should tidy up their resumes for the upcoming Wilson County Schools Teacher Job Fair.

“This event is specifically driven toward hiring teachers,” said Wanda Dawson, assistant superintendent for human resources.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to meet the folk who will be coming in on that Saturday. We are really hoping that we will see at least 200 candidates. That’s our goal.”

This year’s job fair is being held from 9 to noon, Saturday, March 16, at Darden Middle School, located at 1665 Lipscomb Road in Wilson.

Dawson said school administrators are interested in people who are graduating from colleges in May as well as veteran teachers from other districts and even other states who might be interested in coming to Wilson County to work in the school district.

“The mission of having a teacher job fair is so that when the candidates come in that we will be able to talk with them, to be one-on-one, and we will not be in competition with other school districts,” Dawson said. “We attend other job fairs throughout the year, but there are always other schools districts there and you are always in competition with larger school systems. By having our own, we get to highlight exactly what Wilson County Schools is all about.”

Attendees should take a copy of their resume and recent college transcript if they have them.

“No. 1, we are looking for folk who are certified in the specific teaching areas. We are looking for folk who are enthusiastic, who love children and who are excited about teaching,” Dawson said. “The benefit of having a face-to-face is we are able to assess their enthusiasm, their excitement; we are able to assess their knowledge of the teaching field. We are able to tell just how enthusiastic they are about teaching.”

All 26 principals or a representative from every school in Wilson County public schools will be at the job fair.

“We will also have representatives form the HR department who will offer contingency contracts to those candidates that the principals feel are a best fit for their school,” Dawson said.

Dawson will be there along with Rick Walthall, executive director of certified personnel for WCS.

Licensing specialist Marcia Bonner will be there to answer questions regarding the licensing process.

“We will also have someone there from our beginning teacher support program,” Dawson said.

If candidates have questions about the kinds of support that WCS offers new teachers, those questions can be immediately answered.

“We are looking for K-6 teachers, middle school and, of course, high school teachers,” Dawson said. “We are definitely looking for math, science and exceptional children teachers because those are the areas that we are having the most difficult time finding teachers to fill our vacancies.”

There will be someone from the exceptional children staff in attendance at the job fair.

Prospective teachers should remember that WCS offers bonuses from teachers signing on to work at Vick Elementary School.

“I spent 35 years in education, and the one thing that I learned from that experience is that you really have to have a love for teaching in order to become an outstanding teacher,” Dawson said. “Everybody is not teacher material. However, we still continue to need teachers, and we, as a district, have to go out and recruit and try to find those folk who do have an interest in teaching. In addition to that, we are looking from within to try to grow our own.

We have a large pool of teacher assistants who work in our schools and what we are looking into is what programs that these folk could get enrolled in order to become certified teachers.”