Locality Networks offers free streaming TV in Pinetops

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The new provider of broadband in Pinetops is offering two months of free streaming television service for those disconnected because of Suddenlink adding service to the Edgecombe County town.

Suddenlink announced in June its expansion to Pinetops, which gave Wilson 30 days to sell the Greenlight Community Broadband system in Pinetops and discontinue service. The system was sold to Locality Networks, but the company does not take over operation of the network until Thursday.

“Suddenlink included a July 12 deadline for Greenlight to cut off TV service as part of their action against the company,” said Will Burge, National Network Holdings president who is part of the sale to Locality Networks. “This wasn’t enough time for a sale and approval of the sale by the city council, so it leaves all the Greenlight TV customers without service until we take over the network and renegotiate the TV provider contracts under our name, which could take some time.”

To avoid the disconnection, Locality is offering two months of streaming television services to the hundreds of affected residents. If customers do not have Roku, Firestick or other smart devices to stream television service, Locality will provide a device for free.

Pinetops customers can call 252-251-2500 or email tvoutage@localitynetworks.com to get set up with the streaming service.