Lifelong battle against sin will end in God’s time

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“The battle is not ours, but the Lord’s.” As a Christian, I’ve sung this song many times in church services. This battle of discourse we the people are fighting is and will be never-ending. I can only see the battle ending if time would suddenly roll back to the very beginning of mankind. Back when, according to the Bible, our first parents were created by the Father of all, a God whom we’ve never seen because we have been taught that God is a spirit.

This unseen God set the ground rules for our first parents, and because of disobedience, sin was birthed — see Genesis chapter 3 “Man and Woman Sin,” and “Paradise Lost” chapter 3: 20-24.

Sin is waging a never-ending battle to control and dominate, which is what the angel called Satan is doing. Remember, it all started in the garden. The book of knowledge had all the stuff in it that the Father of us all did not want us to hear, see, taste, speak, feel and more. Our senses used by Satan to kill, steal and destroy us, according to John 10:10.

Starting with the brain where all of our senses are controlled, Satan has tapped in. Does Satan need help? No, the enemy uses the readily available resources like games, movies, newspapers, magazines, classrooms and social media to plant thoughts that, in turn, put words in our mouths and uses the tongue to spread messages of sin, hatred and anger — and it goes on and on.

Our sense of hearing contributes. Hearing repeatedly sinful thoughts and ideas that sooner or later produce action. Will all this discourse end?

Yes, when the Father of us all steps in and says enough is enough. “The battle is not ours, but the Lord’s.”

Dierdra Carey