Liberal grievances divide, not unite, Americans

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Why do liberals hate our president?

He loves our country, he is bringing jobs back, our stock market is setting highs — which our retirement funds need — foreign businesses are coming here, he is stopping our taxes from going to terrorists and countries that support them.

Our military, veterans and law enforcement are being helped. Crime is being addressed by stopping illegals and deporting them. Our taxes have been reduced and unfavorable trade deals have been stopped.

Before our president was inaugurated, liberals began the hate rhetoric and the Congressional Black Caucus did not attend the ceremony. Why? He is not racist, even as liberals try to use the race card. He had not done one thing yet, but the liberals decided to obstruct every agenda item that Americans wanted. More than 63 million Americans, of all races, voted for Trump and change!

Can we not be Americans, just Americans, without being called black, white, yellow, etc.? We all bleed red!

George Leach’s recent column referred to police officers as “agents of the state.” Does he live in Russia?

Those officers are just like you and I.They have families, bills, homes and dreams. They mentor children and provide fun things for the less fortunate to do. Most of all, they keep us safe by arresting the criminals. They are patriots of every race and gender. They are needed and they’re our “agents.”

Now liberals defend the NFL and Colin Kaepernick for his protests that were nonexistent until Trump was elected. Why now?

There is a time and place for protests and there are lines you just don’t cross if you are an American!

Respect our flag, anthem, president, military, laws, law enforcement. You don’t interrupt your mother, a prayer or a judge. You obey a law enforcement officer — there is time to challenge him in court, if needed.

It is time to stop using the “police killing blacks card” and using it to burn, riot and steal. They do not want to kill anyone of any color, race or gender. They do so to protect themselves or others.

Yes, there have been bad cops, but justice has punished them and will continue to do so. Other deaths are more pronounced, but ignored as they do not play well in a liberal agenda.

So can we address the major problems as Americans, or must we continue to waste time by criticizing others for wanting to better their lives by a positive change?

Ashley E. Robbins

Elm City