Letter writer has double standard on name-calling

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Re: “Calling letter-writers fascists crosses the line,” by Deborah Baro, July 25:

Ms. Baro, I read your letter and laughed, thinking you were joking. I read it a second time and laughed even harder because I realized you were attempting to be serious. Then, I began to wonder if you were living on the same planet as the rest of us mere mortals.

Here is a basic precept you might want to contemplate in the future. When you throw stones at someone, you can’t call “time out” when they throw bigger stones back at you or, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

In your scurrilous writing to the Times, you have called President Trump every name in the book and some that haven’t been entered yet. You call him a fascist and a despot. You said he was president and leader of the Republican Party, a small core of whom appear to be in the early stages of a “brownshirt” rebellion. Brownshirts were the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi party. Are you inferring that the president and some of his administration are Nazis? I would then wonder if all your wires were connected and if so, whether they are wrapped tightly.

How can you possibly think it’s OK to drop nasty name bombs on others and yet cry wolf when you get hit? Every letter you write is a hate-Trump letter or one that advocates taking away the guns from all the law-abiding citizens. I’ve never heard you espouse a plan to take the guns away from the bad guys.

Now you want the Times to curtail printing certain letters that are egregious. Will you be the determiner of what is egregious? You mention that the News & Observer is very clear about this policy. Are you aware there are so many “snowflakes” on the N&O staff that they could have a blizzard in Raleigh on the Fourth of July?

Remember this, Ms. Baro. Trump gave up a great business to become president and in a short time has done a great deal for the country. In your lifetime, what have you done for this country?

God bless America!

Art Tozzi