Letter writer admits his mistake

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Re: “Democrats should stop whining and work across the aisle,” Thursday:

Art Tozzi wrote, “ I have seen many letters from left-wingers criticizing certain rhetoric as being mean-spirited and suggesting to the editor that it should be curtailed or censored.”

I believe Art Tozzi spends more time attacking people in his letters than advocating for particular topics. Since Republicans won the last election, he believes Democrats should just shut up and support the president. He acts like that is exactly what Republicans did after Obama’s wins.

He frequently states things in his posts that are factually wrong. He said, “The DNC (Democratic National Committee) recently put out guidelines on disrupting GOP town hall meetings.” Actually, the two independent groups putting out such guidelines were the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Organizing For Action.

He said Obama’s immigration application and his immigration status as a student cannot be found. Why would someone born in the U.S. need immigration documents? I’ve seen him take a comment from one person and apply it to all Democrats, left-wingers or “snowflakes.” Yet he closed his last letter with this. “In the meantime, we’re all Americans, so let’s work together to make America a better place for our kids.”

I should not have attempted to school Mr. Tozzi. I made a mistake. Abraham Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Like others, I sometimes forget the lessons on wisdom that Proverbs and Mr. Lincoln tried to impart. I’ll try to do better.

Ron Taylor