Leftist groupthink achieves robotic repetition

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“We are the Borg! You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

I was recently reminded of this Star Trek meme during the Kavanaugh hearings. I thought of the verbal lockstep of the radical left. Consider the choral responses: “Collusion. Treason. Stormy. Strongmen. Impeachment. Florence.”

Yes, Trump is even responsible for the hurricane, if you believe the talking heads.  Their reason: he doesn’t believe in global warming.  Setting aside the unintentional deification of a man they hate, the left hasn’t considered the inanity of that premise, or that they are remarkably unanimous in their news leads; somehow neglecting the accomplishments of less than a year. Borg-like, the modern left repeats and accepts, never questioning “accepted” wisdom.

Even their denunciation of others’ ideas is remarkably similar, from local snarkiness, sarcasm and dismissal to national calls to follow, disrupt and “tell them to get out, they’re not welcome.” (Maxine Waters). Not surprisingly,  the lemmings follow their leadership. When Tom Perez became DNC chair, he made it policy to “resist” and “obstruct.” The more unhinged among the left damaged campuses and destroyed property to ban speakers with whom they disagreed, never thinking that they were “obstructing” two cornerstones  of higher education — reasoned debate and open minds.

Consider non-academic Borg responses: Madonna wants to blow up the White House, Peter Fonda advocates kidnapping Trump’s son and protesters running administration officials out of restaurants. Recently, protesters disrupted Sen. Ted Cruz’s dinner with his wife because they “believe the victim.” Left-wing braintrusts like Joy Behar and Sen. Hirono assert that Kavanaugh is “probably guilty,” all the justification Cruz’s attackers needed. Again, these “freedom fighters” are blind to a basic tenet of our government: Innocent until proven guilty.

Their hate-Trump focus blinds them to absurdities such as ignoring Keith Ellison’s documented charge of domestic abuse. Yet, Kavanaugh is “probably guilty.” Incidentally, Ellison is deputy chair of the DNC and aspires to Minnesota’s governorship, yet the Collective is universally deaf to the victim’s pleas to be heard, yet loudly condemns the GOP’s “war on women.”

The modern radical left resembles the European anarchists who gave rise to socialism and communism, with all their attendant human misery, but the ballot box is the place to assure that history won’t repeat on this side of the ocean.

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City