Lack of knowledge shouldn’t be point of pride

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Lack of knowledge shouldn’t be point of pride

Re: “Big Bird criticism misses the point,” Wednesday:

As I wrote to praise the offending letter that Mr. Hinson takes such umbrage opposing, to be published as a letter to the editor doesn’t require an informed opinion — just an opinion. Mr, Hinson proves my point.

Carl, please define in your terms exactly what do you mean when you use words like: 1. “socialist” and 2. “conservative?”

Clearly you also prove the point about anyone with “half a brain” knowing all about socialism and conservatism. However, I doubt you could come close to matching your opinion of these words with a dictionary definition, without looking them up first.

Lack of education is not a point of pride or should not be. The educational vacuum in the White House and current administration should not be the gold standard of inspiration for today’s youth.

It’s a credit that the writer chose to address the “lowly Wilson Times,” not a condemnation. You think that living in a small town is license to being immune from the rest of the nation? Do you think all ideas should die at I-95?

I, for one, have been pleasantly surprised by the journalistic standards of the Times. Everyone can make a mistake now and then, Carl. They just don’t make a habit of it like others.

Don’t be defined by your thinking along these lines, Carl. It’s nothing to be proud of. 

Dave Hager