Labels, party lines impede progress

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Labels, party lines impede progress

Re: “Responsible arguments are supported by facts,” Tuesday:

Joan Boykin has put forth an informed opinion backed up with an educational background that adds to its validity.

Unfortunately, letters to the editor don’t require an informed opinion, merely an opinion. No matter how misguided and inept the thought process behind the opinion, it may be expressed. Most seem to be just parroted labels and expressions of a biased media. I applaud the Times for rising above the lowly standard of tabloid television.

Which led me to thinking of the labels we place on the subjects upon which we opine.

For example: What is a liberal? What is a conservative? What do we really mean when we use such terms?

I can quote dictionary definitions till I’m blue in the face, but it won’t make any difference to the undereducated or those underinformed by facts. Normally they don’t like to be confused by facts — real or alternative.

What is really important to you and to us as a country?

What would your priorities be if you were president?

Let’s see: If you had control of the discretionary budget for the United States, out of every $100, how much would you spend for the following?

• A) Defense

• B) Education

• C) Health care

• D) Infrastructure (roads, bridges, interstates, airports, rail, etc.)

• E) Housing

• F) Deportations

I am of the opinion that our biggest problem is that we’re stuck in a two-party system. That concept dates back as far as the Whigs and the Tories. Beating the other party is more important to politicians than the citizens they supposedly represent. That’s wrong. And that is what keeps me an independent.

Try, I beg you, to get beyond the labels. Get to the truth of your beliefs. Your fellow Americans are not your enemy. Your political party just may be.

Dave Hager