Ken Fontenot the right choice for House District 24

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It has been an honor to serve as one of your representatives for the past six years. I have a unique perspective to share before you elect who, under new districts, will be Wilson’s only House representative.

I had no political background and ran as “not a politician, one of us.” Feeling God’s call to leadership, I decided to run for office to make a difference for families. Ken has expressed similar sentiments.

As an outsider, I approached my service with a desire to listen, to learn and to find real solutions that improve lives. People in Raleigh, and in Wilson, generously engaged in thoughtful conversation and entertained my questions and ideas, I did not pretend to have all the answers or default to the party line. I was inspired by our strong local leaders; government, business, education, nonprofit, civic; and their willingness to collaborate and share their visions for their individual passions and priorities. Real change happens on the ground with real people, passing laws that support these efforts is an important element, but cannot accomplish results in and of itself.

Being a newcomer willing to work hard, partner, show up, ask for help, think outside the box, ask why, pray and relentlessly pursue results is a benefit. Having the ear and backing of leadership in Raleigh does matter. Being fully invested in your community does matter. Being connected on the ground does matter. Having a heart for service does matter. I am proud to be leaving my legislative service as a well-respected leader who has made a difference, not as a career politician. Ken Fontenot will step into this position with enthusiasm and sincerity.

I believe wholeheartedly that Ken Fontenot is the right person at the right time. He is a family man, a patriot, a teacher and a pastor. Ken is a smart, educated, well-spoken, energetic and hardworking man of integrity. Ken is an independent and conservative voice, he represents the values of Wilson County and will be an excellent role model who can unite people. I am confident that he will quickly rise to leadership in the House on critical issues like education and security.

Ken Fontenot will make Wilson proud and will be a tremendous asset to our state. Please elect a new voice, newcomer Ken Fontenot, who will serve on behalf of all the citizens of Wilson. It’s time. I urge everyone to get out and vote in this election.

Susan Martin


The writer represents Wilson and Pitt counties in the N.C. House of Representatives.