Daily Devotional

Keeping faith

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[Abraham] grew strong in faith and gave glory to God. He was fully convinced that God was able to do what he promised.

— Romans 4:20-21 (CEB)

As I entered high school, I decided that I wanted to be on the school’s wrestling team. When practices started in late October, I realized that the sport would be much harder than I had originally thought. Then, when the official matches began, every time I stepped on the mat, I lost. Daily, I thought about quitting the team. I was tired of putting in so much work and effort only to lose.

When the season ended, I had only five wins and a whopping twenty-seven losses. However, I decided to forget about that season and to work hard the next year. I trained and practiced. When my sophomore season of wrestling came, I was a much better wrestler. I climbed to the number four spot in the state rankings.

Practicing our faith requires a similar commitment. Sometimes, I start to lose faith in God and in myself. I now realize that instead of losing faith, we can become more committed and grow stronger in our faith through prayer, reading the Bible, and worshiping with other Christians. God will give us the strength to keep moving forward.

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