Kavanaugh vindicated; Ford’s claims fall flat

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I read Deborah Baro’s comedic letter “Kavanaugh mess shows need to vote GOP out of power” (Oct. 11). I’m wondering when, if ever, she does any research before writing. A lack of it is evident here.

You say Kavanaugh was steamrolled in over the objections of the American Bar Association. “The ABA Standing Committee gives its highest rating of well qualified to Judge Kavanaugh,” the ABA Journal stated on Sept. 4. Even after his staunch defense of his character, the ABA said in a letter dated Oct. 5 that its original rating stands. Hardly an objectionable rating.

You say that the FBI’s investigation into Ford’s allegations was restricted by Trump and McConnell. Do you know this for a fact or just more flapjaw? Actually, the Republican holdouts, Sens. Flake, Murkowski and Collins, met with Sen. McConnell and determined what additional FBI investigation was necessary to answer their questions.

You say the Republicans abandoned the rule of law. It was the left-wing loony senators including “I am Spartacus” who were willing to accept Ford’s story without any corroboration. This is Ford who can’t remember what day, week or year this took place or where or how she got there or got home but she was sure she only had one beer. Wants the senators to come to her because of her fear of flying although she jet-sets all over the globe. Doesn’t know who paid for her hotel or the polygraph test she took. It was only two questions, neither of which was about Kavanaugh.

Based on this and no corroboration, you and your ilk are willing to ruin a man’s career and family and you have the audacity to even mention the rule of law which is innocent until proven guilty. Did you happen to view her yearbook from Holton-Arms? Not a sterling example of a teenage young girl. But at that age, who hasn’t done things they probably aren’t proud of.? It’s part of growing up. Can you stand that scrutiny? Remember that adage, “he who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.”

God bless our new Justice Kavanaugh, his family, our president and the U.S. of A.

Arthur Tozzi