Just the facts, please: Media colludes with the left

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I don’t know how Nick Smith and Deborah Baro come to their opinions. Maybe they watch CNN, which constantly makes up false stories for ratings, and perhaps that plays to their own unjustified hate of our president or his party.

He is our fairly elected president, you know, elected by those of us who want to retain our American values and not become a socialist/communist-run government — sadly, we’re almost there — whose ideas have permeated our schools, colleges and politics.

The Democratic Party has been pushing it by taking religion and belief in God out of our schools and government, controlling health care instead of private choice, increasing welfare even for those who don’t need it, thus controlling the people to rely on the government for everything without them having to work and giving abortions — murder of innocents — yearly in the millions. Let the taxpayers pay.

They are dumbing down our educational system so even college graduates don’t know our nation’s history, when we got our independence, the name of our first president, etc., promoting class warfare, dividing the people into the wealthy and the poor, causing discontent, touting racism unjustly and spouting corruption where there is none except in their own party which the “bought and paid for” news media ignores.

I suggest they watch Hannity and Tucker Carlson for the real story, but would the truth not blend with their opinions?

The Democrats lost, but they say totally unfounded things like impeach, resist anything good Trump’s administration puts forth and delay new confirmations so Trump is still working with Obama’s staff. They promote riots, looting and burning of private property. Never in the history of our nation has this much viciousness been the plan of one major party. Consider the reason.

Our nation’s future is at stake. Do you want to be a serf of a corrupt government with no say, or do you choose freedom? Thank God most Americans finally realized the urgency of choosing freedom, but the others will continue to fight viciously. Investigations are underway, the truth will come out soon!

Linda Cameron