Join donor registry to help save someone’s life

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“I’m going to keep fighting as long as I can.”

My daughter — my firstborn, my baby girl — said that to me.

My daughter has leukemia. She needs a bone marrow transplant. Her brother was not a suitable donor. It may be because he’s over 50. His older brother is diabetic, so neither is he.

We all thought her youngest brother would be a match. The doctors said he was the best chance in the family. We felt reassured and expected the best. It wasn’t to be.

My daughter, Donna, is now on the registry, hoping for a donor. She does not have limitless time to wait. I didn’t know there was an age conditional for being a donor. Doctors say 18-44 is the preferred age and 45-60 is marginal. I wish I had known earlier. But I do know now.

I know I am not a favorite for some people locally. But I have come to understand that locals are big-hearted and true humanitarians. We may disagree politically, but when it comes to helping the innocent, we are united in that.

My daughter is not the only one on the list awaiting bone marrow for survival. Many wait silently like my daughter. Trying not to give up hope. Your bone marrow donation will save someone’s life. It may be my daughter’s, but most likely it will be someone else’s.

In this difficult time, it is hard to refocus on illnesses other than the virus. But any number of people have serious, even deadly, existing conditions already. Their needs are not diminished by the current situation. Here’s a chance to be a hero and it won’t cost you a dime.

Please go to http://join.bethematch.org/ and order a cheek swab to begin your process to be a lifesaver.

Dave Hager