Jeers to the heat

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Cheers to the first 1st Friday on the Lawn of the season going off without a hitch. After all of the bad luck that program had last year, it is great to see it having a successful first round. Last year two Fridays were rained out and so the bands were moved inside the Boykin Center. The last two cencerts of 2016 were cancelled due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. While the future cannot be predicated, it is great that the shows were able to start on a better foot than last year. Maybe last year’s curse is broken.

Jeers to the Fourth of July week ending and everyone’s vacations coming to a close. While I personally did not get to enjoy a relaxing vacation last week, I know many people who did. I also know that while returning to work is inevitable, it is not ideal. Why I can’t just work in my bathing suit from a lawn chair with the waves at my feet, I will never fully understand.

Jeers to Eyes on Main Street is coming to a close this Sunday. The many photos that decorate Historic Downtown Wilson will come down after this week and we will have to say goodbye until next year. But on the bright side, there is a drum circle this weekend to help make the goodbye a little more fun.

Cheers to The Wilson Times Open House tonight. While our little family has been happy at home on Nash Street for the past month, we are officially inviting others in to check out our new digs. If you want to see my desk the neatest it will ever be, then you may want to stop by that night.

Jeers to all the hot weather. I know it is summer, but jeez! Can a girl get a little relief? With temperatures consistently in the 90s, I have not been anxious to get outside unless I am in a pool. My poor dog Zoe has suffered as well without her frequent trips to the dog park. Little does she know I am saving her poor paws from the hot concrete.

Despite the heat however, I have started walking two miles each day. So, cheers to me. There are a lot of weddings happening in the coming months and I need to look hot (and not crazy) when I dive to grab the bouquet. While the motivation I have is minimal, I have somehow managed to get my butt off the couch for the last five out of six days. (Plot twist: Matt and my mom make me.)