It’s not the Russians, it’s the modern Democrats

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Since last November, excuses have abounded about why Hillary, a “shoo-in” according to most polls and media outlets, lost the election. In 350 words, the various excuses can’t be addressed, but one does stand out: today’s Democratic Party lost votes because of its extremism. It simply didn’t connect with the average voter.

For example, in a 2015 study of Democrats’ keywords in debate, the following were tagged, according to “Why Democrats Are Obsessed with Wealth Inequality,” published Saturday on DailySignal.com:

• Wall Street: 23

• Tax: 20

• Inequality: 9

• Wealthy: 7

• ISIS: 4

•Terrorists/terrorism: 1

• Freedom: 1

• Debt (national): 0

• Liberty: 0

• Strength: 0

• Armed forces: 0

• Islamic/Islamist: 0

Caring for the unfortunate is commendable in every way; however, following the left’s approach —taxes and redistribution — is a non-starter with middle-class families, often working full and part-time jobs to raise their families; then being taxed to the point that initiative is punished. The liberal approach is also unfair to the recipients because it hurts the very initiative needed to improve one’s lot.

This is disconnect has serious implications for America’s future. A recent Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation poll cited on DailySignal.com (“Millennials Are Clueless About Communism: Here’s Why That’s a Problem,” Saturday). Chillingly, one in five millennials in the same poll saw Joseph Stalin as heroic.

This is the modern Democratic Party: so far left it is almost socialist. It is the party with which most millennials identify. The generation that can applaud Bernie Sanders can’t recognize socialism’s current impact on Venezuela. Neither can it see that Hillary, not Donald, colluded with the Russians.

Yet, that misinformation campaign worked so well that Mueller and company have spent untold millions chasing the wrong candidate, according to a Friday story in The Week.

Put in perspective, the Democratic Party is unrecognizable to an earlier generation, as it is to the current middle class. That is why Trump sits in the Oval Office.

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City