Irma approaches and my anxiety rises

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Hurricane Irma has spent her week swirling around in the Atlantic, slowly approaching land.

I however spent my week stressing out about her. The last hurricane I had the displeasure of dealing with was Hurricane Matthew back in October. Ironically enough Matthew decided to hit eastern North Carolina the first weekend after I moved in with my boyfriend, who shares the name. (I’m not sure if that’s a bad omen or not.)

That weekend I also learned that the parking lot of my housing complex floods, a fact I learned after the water was too deep for me to move my car. Don’t worry, my car survived the flood despite sitting in a foot and a half of water over night. I cried all night long because I thought it was dead and I cried the next morning when I found out it was OK.

Growing up in small town eastern North Carolina on the water, hurricanes were always scary but they were also a part of life. My family hunkered down and rode out every storm that ever came our way.

I knew people in my town that would throw hurricane parties. They had the mindset that if they had to be stuck in the house all day with no power they might as well be drunk for it.

While I never took part in the stormy celebrations, I know many who did.

My anxiety has always been too high in those situations to take a load off and drink a cold one. I like to watch the trees blow and keep an eye on the water levels. I know that just because my eye is on them doesn’t mean something won’t go wrong, but I like to keep a watchful eye anyway.

As Irma creeps along, Matt and I are already making plans. I am currently battling between staying in Greenville and taking my chances with flooding in my mom’s neighborhood or heading to central North Carolina where Matt’s mom lives and taking my chances with the wind and the many trees that circle her house.

If Irma does hit next week, we could be in trouble with all of the rain we’ve been having lately and how saturated the ground is because of it.

Maybe it is time for me to take my friend’s advice and sit back, have a beer and wait.