Inmate’s prison system complaints ring hollow

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Re: “Long prison sentences don’t rehabilitate inmates,” by David Brinkley, March 19:

A prisoner in Maury Correctional Institution? Poor baby. Are the police, the lawyers, the juries and the judges all picking on him?

The writer indicated that the author of a Feb. 19 letter (“Criminal justice system needs tougher penalties” by Ashley E. Robbins Jr.) must have climbed out from under a rock. Wrong — he was just turning over rocks trying to find criminals like you.

Look at it this way: You had a choice. Along with choices come consequences. You made a choice, so suffer the consequences. You say nobody wants to go to prison, so don’t make the choices that put you there.

But no, inmates didn’t want to be the average guy and work for a living and be a productive citizen. They’d rather lie and steal, rip people off and sell drugs and ruin other people’s lives because they’re so good at it they think they’ll never get caught. You got caught, and now you squeal like a pig at how bad prison life is.

You try to make a distinction between violent offenders and drug convicts I don’t know what you’re there for, but I see no difference. A drug dealer is just as bad as a murderer. A murderer has ruined the lives of a few; a drug dealer has ruined the lives of many. And for what? Greed. The sad part is the taxpayer gets stuck paying your way through prison.

Prison should be like Marine Corps boot camp — PT and work from sunup to sunset. Get you out on the roads picking up trash, cleaning and painting government buildings, parks and recreation areas. By the end of the work day you’d be so tired you’d forget about trying to get drugs into the prison or making prison “hooch.” You’d get three square meals a day including fruits and vegetables and beans and franks Monday through Friday with hamburgers on Saturday and Sunday.

Remember, we didn’t put you there — you did. I’m incensed that I have to pay to keep you in prison for however many years you’re going to be there. I wish they billed you like a motel and you didn’t get out until you paid the bill.

Art Tozzi