Independents must stand up to two-party paradigm

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Re: “Democrats should stop whining and work across the aisle,” May 4:

I am kowtowed before I even begin. Mr. Arthur Tozzi uses his position to pontificate to all the lesser Americans about how we should be acting responsibly in support of the regime in the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Mr. Tozzi is a master craftsman of the language, being a marketing graduate in his late seventies.

I am also an independent, but not a selectively uninformed one. That Mr. Tozzi can still be doubting Obama’s birthplace is nothing less than selective stupidity shared in unison by his golfing foursome, I have no doubt.

Fair to say, the Democrats are responding to Trump in the same manner that the GOP responded to Obama. Of course, Trump is a white man in the White House. That alone should support more allegiance in the mind of many, I’m sure. The aged and well-positioned are always in a better position to disperse truth, justice and the American way ideals.

While I do support your call for a more unified America, it cannot be all right wing any more than it can be all left wing. Our biggest national political problem is the encampment of the sheep into established party pens. Perhaps if more people would accept the challenge of thinking for themselves and become independent by registration, the power of the DNC and GOP would go away. If citizens actually gave thought to what is important to them instead of responding to what some propaganda TV ad designed to stir the worst angels of our nature purports, to paraphrase Mr. Lincoln, then perhaps we could begin to make headway as a nation.

Meanwhile, we will play the popular attack game as designed by the multimillionaire-supported two-party system. We will attack a phrase here and an innuendo there to further divide ourselves. Come on, Tozzi. You’re an educated man. Rise above this fray and give us the truth of what you would like America to be without benefit of party political positions.

Dave Hager