How long will we allow Trump’s blunders to continue?

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How long will we allow Trump’s blunders to continue?

I ask you and our readers this question: How long must America endure the indignities of a seemingly unstable person failing as president of the United States?

How long will Americans contend with the mistakes, misspoken statements. misuse of facts, misunderstood simple governmental principles and missed opportunities to rectify and mitigate the same to the elevation of the office of the president and extend an olive branch to the American people?

How long will it take for the Congress, the leadership of the Democratic Party, the true patriots of the Republican Party and the American people to demand an apology from Donald J. Trump for all the wrongs he has perpetrated against people, against women, against minorities, against political opponents, against persons with disabilities and against former President Obama?

How many times will we excuse Donald Trump by saying that he is different and will not act according to convention, rule or law? How long will we look the other way while Immigrations and Customs Enforcement heaps indignities and pain upon Hispanics and we not demand legislation as a remedy rather than tactics of a police state?

How long will we laugh and cheer as Trump continues to campaign for the presidency as if he is not the president?

Currently, when will we petition the Congress not to consider any budget that financially rapes seniors and the poor and redistributes more wealth to the already wealthy?

When will we recognize that Trump, the Trump family and the Trump family business complexes are treating the Trump presidency as an opportunity to use such a position as leverage to add to their financial coffers?

Finally, when will Vice President Pence invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution?

Is the moral arc of the universe long and wide? Does it bend toward justice?

George D. Leach