How can Graham judge Buttigieg, support Trump?

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I am not surprised by Franklin Graham calling on Pete Buttigieg to repent for being gay. I consider Mr. Graham to be one of the narrow-minded individuals who accepts the view that homosexuality is a choice, not a condition one is born with. I believe Mr. Graham is the one who should be doing the repenting.

How one has the audacity to support a man like Donald Trump and call on others to repent for anything is beyond me. I find Mr. Trump to be the most sinful person to have ever occupied the White House during my lifetime. I find Mr. Graham’s support of him appalling.

Trump is a serial adulterer, a serial liar, one who refers to Nazis and KKKers as good people. Trump has shown himself to be an arrogant and self-serving purveyor of greed. His use of vulgarity in his public speech and his alleged sexual abuse of women is something I believe to be not only shameful, but sinful. Trump shows the mentality of a grade-school student by name-calling any who oppose him.

None of these qualities are considered Christian qualities, yet this man, a supposed Christian minister, chooses to overlook them and support Trump.

I personally do not believe Mr. Trump is in any way a Christian. I believe he spends more Sunday mornings on the golf course than he does in church. My view is supported by the fact that at President Bush’s funeral, he could not recite the Apostle’s Creed. The first three things I learned when attending Sunday school were the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed and the 23rd Psalm. I doubt Mr. Trump can repeat any of these basic foundations of Christianity.

I remember in my religious education that Christ predicted in the future, we would encounter charlatans and hypocrites posing as Christians. It’s my belief that Mr. Graham and those so-called Christians who support a heathen named Donald Trump fulfill Christ’s prediction.

Merrell Washington

Rocky Mount