Hospital bill: $11 for one measly aspirin

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I recently received a statement from Wilson Medical Center stating that I have an outstanding bill for $11 and I could not remember what this might be for — this was back in January. So I did as was instructed on the bill, I called the given number.

After talking to the gentleman who answered, I was told that this was the charge for one aspirin tablet. I nearly had to call for an ambulance, as I was in utter shock!

I checked the bottle of tablets I have in my medicine chest and there are 100 tabs in that bottle. That is Walmart’s Equate brand aspirin, which runs only a few dollars a bottle. My bottle contains 100 tablets. Assuming Walmart’s aspirin is costing me about $1.97 per bottle that is about 2 cents per tablet.

Where in the hell is Wilson Medical Center buying its aspirin? What could possibly cost this company that much for one?

I suppose I would have to factor in the cost of some orderly to call the pharmacy to order the tablet, the cost of the transport of said tablet to the floor on which I was suffering and enduring such pain that I needed said tablet, the cost of the nurse or that orderly to administer said medicine to the suffering patient and finally the cost of the attending nurse to record that said medicine was administered and send that information to the highly paid billing department.

I know that I have probably skipped over a few more personnel involved in the administration of that lousy aspirin tablet. But really, $11 for one aspirin tablet! The sad part is I don’t even recall that I needed that dang tablet or remember why!

Dennis Rutter