Hold drug dealers accountable for overdose deaths

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Re: “Are drug dealers really responsible for fatal overdoses?” Times editorial, Wednesday:

Drug dealers are responsible for each death caused by drugs they sell. They should be punished even more severely than the proposed bill. Corporal punishment needs a place in our system of punishment, as does the death penalty.

This editorial is the same old story that has been played of no accountability. Played about pot, heroin, meth, cocaine and now pain pills.

Drugs kill people!

Drugs destroy families! Drugs affect innocents, killing them in wrecks, robberies, rapes and murders. Robbing them of money and family.

Drug dealers facilitate all of the above and in all cases.

There is so much money made on illegal drug sales that no one wants to stop the “golden goose.”

Money is made by lawyers, rehabilitation centers, drug companies and treatment centers legally.

But more is made illegally by bribes, kickbacks, cartels, dealers, wholesale dealers, smugglers, government officials and politicians doing nothing.

So what’s the plan? Make it legal and tax the sales? Pot is being made legal today. What’s next?

Our justice system needs real reform to punish these dealers harshly, not slap their hands. Will that happen? Absolutely not, as the politicians are not affected negatively!

So when someone defends a drug dealer or dealers, you may want ask yourself why.

If anyone wants to really to see how drug dealers have been stopped and drug addiction has almost been eliminated, research and see how Singapore addresses the problem. I’ve been there and seen their solutions and they work. There is accountability in Singapore!

Ashley E Robbins Jr.

Elm City