Hard work, not focus on differences, breeds success

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Our society’s successful people have set goals, used mentors, gotten educated and worked hard to achieve their goals.

Examples are Morgan Freeman, Judge Milton Fitch and Tim Farmer, Wilson’s assistant director of public works. Yes, they all are black. A favorite actor I enjoy watching, a judge presiding over juries I served and a son of a farm family with outstanding parents with loving hearts.

These are the real mentors! One marched with MLK and one was excited to show his report card to my mon. They all grew up in a time that society changed for the better.

Today, it is time to stop the hate, the false facts, the lies about our president as he works to help all of us.

He is not perfect, but no president has been. He is not a politician who makes unfulfilled promises. He is a man who wants 11 million illegals to leave and follow a legal process to live here. He wants these 11 million jobs to be filled by Americans who have no jobs.

He has lowered taxes for all but the highest-paid.

Lower corporates taxes will make companies move factories here, creating more jobs. He wants Americans killing Americans to stop. He wants our taxes to pay for Americans’ needs, not illegals!

He wants a wall to stop criminals and drugs.

The best education, health care, housing and military are his goals. He loves his family, his country and God!

Yet, the greedy, corrupt, uninformed and others are quick to try to discredit him.

A recent article by Mr. George Leach made me think of when I was hired along with a guy who approached life much like the NAACP does today.

We worked together, same boss, same work, same workplace. I’ll call him Sam.

We started in same the position, I guess with the same salaries, but I didn’t know or care.

Sam was a jealous, insecure individual obsessed that he was treated equally. He spent time trying to determine what others’ salaries were. I told Sam what I made did not put additional money in his pocket and my salary was none of his business. I spent my workdays with full attention to my job, Sam did not.

As promotions came, Sam was soon left behind as he didn’t set goals or improve his skills to advance.

He only wanted equal pay, but did not work for it.

He eventually was fired for low productivity and attitude-induced confrontations over salary, etc.

My successes and advancement happened because I worked hard, continued my education and surrounded myself with mentor support.

Subjective articles that leave out all the facts or are misrepresentations do not help our young people.

They should challenge such articles, get the facts and learn the real from the propaganda. They should be mentored by successes, like the three individuals above.

Listen and look for the positive and reject the negative.

The NAACP, Black Caucus and others that are race-related, their time has passed. Do not be influenced by negative people, deeds, rhetoric or propaganda!

No one cares about your color or gender; or mine. What you do and what you can do is paramount to companies today. Positive attitudes prevail.

What you do to help yourself matters! Do you work to improve or blame others?

Do you help others or complain?

Are you a mentor for positive achievement or a person to get your fair share like Sam?

Millions of positive mentors of all colors exist, but the media shamefully chooses to publicize the negative organizations.

Remember, perceptions equal realities in your mind, so seek the truth and facts.

As a note, there are just over 600,000 NAACP members in the world, and the organization was founded in 1909.

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City