Government corruption fuels Trump witch hunt

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On April 9, attorney-client privilege ended. Free speech ended in Berkeley weeks ago and the right to bear arms is being prevented in many communities, towns and cities now. The rule of law is being ignored as rapists and drug dealers are given probation and released.

Many judgeships, diplomatic posts and other government jobs are waiting for congressional approval, but Democrats are obstructing these jobs. They are especially opposing judges who will follow the law and make Americans safer.

The FBI and Department of Justice have gone rogue by refusing, delaying, redacting or destroying evidence that courts have ordered them to release. These documents expose members in the government, both currently and past, of perjury, bribes, sedition, sexual harassment, misuse of government funds, cover-ups, leaks of U.S. secrets and obstruction. The FBI and DOJ have been a part of these crimes and ignoring tips that would have prevented acts of murder from the Boston Marathon bombing to the Florida school shootings. One might ask why all these tragedies were allowed to happen. Perhaps to create such an outrage that the Second Amendment would be repealed ? To take our guns?

As sanctuary cities, towns and states ignore federal laws to permit criminals and drugs to flow freely into the U.S., there have been no arrests of any local or state government officials who initiated these sanctuary policies. Why?

Because our government is corrupt.

Crime pays. Millionaires are made in Congress. Millionaires are made by not investigating Congress and politicians.

Trump has upset their apple cart, giving Americans hope for a better, safer life. Stopping drugs, stopping bribes, stopping millionaire drug dealers, stopping corruption is his goal.

That is why the Democrats, liberals and RINOs must stop him. He is the only one under investigation! Is that not strange?

That is why Democrats paid for a fake dossier and why they want illegals to vote and why they will not pass voter ID. They will ensure they win in 2020 with fraud.

There are too many billions involved for you to have guns, free speech, term limits or voter ID. Politicians will not let you or I stop their millions.

Have you ever heard one Democrat or Republican candidate for Congress ever say they wanted to stop corruption in Congress if elected?

How many have ever been arrested for corruption? Ever?

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City