GOP senators selling us out on health care reform

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GOP senators selling us

out on health care reform

I am so frustrated with our so-called Republicans who we voted into office to help our president to make America Great again.

We voted you in to gain the House and the Senate. Well, you have been so sorry that you do not deserve this wonderful opportunity to put our country back on track. This health care bill should have gone through long ago, but you Republicans blocked the bill. Who are you for — yourselves or for the people who put you in this office?

You are so weak that you can’t even vote on a bill that is so important to those people who are suffering from this sickening Obamacare. We voted you into office to repeal and replace this law. There are many other bills that were passed that got our country into this awful mess. Eight years is enough, so now you have your chance to help us.

Stop being scared of the Democrats who have no power in the Senate and the House and use your power. Our president needs each one of you to bring his agenda through. If you are not interested in standing with him, then you need to resign and join the Democrats because that is where you should be — not representing our Republican Party.

Let someone take your place that has some backbone and courage to stand up for the people who voted you in. Unless you repair that backbone and get that courage, then you will not have my vote in the next election.

May God have mercy on your soul. I will pray for you. Nellie Verricchia